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Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 5.

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Do you remember Veronica Mars? You´ll remember Veronica and Mac´s dance.


Do you remember Veronica Mars? You´ll remember Veronica and Mac´s dance.

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Domonick: Someone sent it to me.
Veronica: You should tell me who. Or I can assume that it originated from you.

Veronica: What, you got nothing?
Keith: Hm.  Maybe I’m not in the mood. 

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Yet another Veronica Mars cameo spot.  Nelsan Ellis (best known for playing Lafayette on True Blood).  

3.16 - “Un-American Graffiti”

Veronica Mars Rewatch: Season 3. Episode 15


And so ends the second mystery of season 3 (and the final major mystery of the show).  Interestingly, there was supposed to be one more mystery in the last several episodes, but it was ultimately cut.

So how did the second mystery of season 3 play out?  Honestly, it was kind of dull.  Dean O’Dell’s murder had a few interesting twists and turns, but ultimately it fell flat compared to all of the show’s other major mysteries (Lilly’s murder, the school bush crash, and the rapes at Hearst).  The whole thing just felt very rushed and sloppy, and the final reveal of the killer wasn’t nearly as powerful as it could have been either.

Still, I’m going to cut Rob Thomas some slack.  He was being pressured like crazy with the show, and he had to make a lot of last minute changes to appease the studio.  I also respect him for testing out a new format with the show by having multiple big mysteries instead of just one big one like the previous two seasons had.  Had the show been renewed for a fourth season, I strongly believe he would have worked out the kinks and produced some GREAT television.

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3.11 - “Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves”

3.11 - “Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves”

I’m off to steal the souls of the rich with my evil image-capturing device! Veronica Mars 
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