Sunday, December 23, 2012

BUFFY Thoughts: The Tragic Tale of Mayor Wilkins

The post-mortem video The Mayor leaves Faith in season 4 really shines some light on his character motivations.  In the video, Wilkins expresses serious doubts that his ‘master plan’ will actually be successful.  That makes me wonder if he ever intended to survive at all.

Think about it- here’s a guy who watched his own wife grow old, bitter, and senile while he remained young (due to deals he made with demons on The Hellmouth- including selling his soul).  Having lived hundreds of years alone, it’s possible his plan to become a demon was little more than a death wish (he just wanted to go out with a bang).

However, Faith came along and made him feel love again.  He even started to believe that they could rule together after his ‘ascension.’  That fantasy all fell apart when Faith was put into a coma, and Wilkins realized his fantasy was just that… a fantasy.  Believing Faith would one day wake up from the coma (as she does), he urged her in the video to ‘go out with a bang’ (just as he himself did).