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This season of TEEN WOLF is surprisingly strong so far thanks to interesting new characters, less reliance on over-the-top action sequences, and a greater focus on character development and relationship building.



Douse yourself in water and repent! (1995 vs 2014)



when a stupid slut asks if there’s going to be a swimming pool

OPINION: Teen Wolf and Orphan Black are the closest shows to Buffy on the air right now.




except for tw is racist and sexist

Um, in what ways?  Teen Wolf has had several strong female characters, quite a few non-caucasion cast members (including an Asian female lead currently), and it is one of the most LGBT-inclusive shows on TV right now.

OPINION: Teen Wolf and Orphan Black are the closest shows to Buffy on the air right now.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"OUIJA" (2014) Trailer

You guys, I’m trying real hard to take this seriously, but like… it’s a horror movie about a Ouija board.

Ok I’m finally watching ORPHAN BLACK, and it’s pretty damn great.

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Sailor Moon fans: Episode 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal will be VERY revealing. Here’s why…

So far, Sailor Moon Crystal seems to be following the manga very closely.  The first 26 acts of the manga cover both the Dark Kingdom AND Black Moon Clan arcs (aka seasons 1 & 2 of the original anime).  Does that mean we’ll get both of those arcs in the 26 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal?  Well…

In Act 3 of the manga, Rei appears and becomes Sailor Mars.  Jadeite also perishes (yes, he dies very early in the manga).  If both of these things happen in episode 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, we’ll know that the show is sticking very very closely to the manga’s pacing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

9 Seasons and Supernatural STILL hasn’t had a musical episode?!